Accounting & General Business Links

IRS: Tax payment, filing, and corresponding information Startup Checklist USA: amazing site that has a great walkthrough to help you set up your business properly. Department of Labor Security Administration Karma: Free credit score and tracking. Updates monthly with latest credit scores and credit card balances.

Organizational Tools

Basecamp: This is our “go-to” for all our project management needs. It’s great for working with employees in different areas, collaborating with other business owners, and for organizing all your ideas in one easy-to-find place. There are both free and paid plans. www.basecamp.comEvernote: Amazing note-taking tool that allows you to sync notes across all your devices (iPhone, computer, iPad, etc.). Both free and paid plans available.

Business Tools

Skype: Video-chat / online conferencing tool perfect for remote meeting with clients, collaborations, and conferencing with remote employees (and did we mention it’s completely free?!). Cloud-based file sharing and storage service. This tool is our top choice for storing client documents, intra-company collaborations, and sharing files too large for email. DropBox recently upgraded their service to allow fo real-time editing of MS-based documents (Word & Excel). In cludes a generous free starter plan. www.dropbox.comGoToWebinar: We’ve all heard it 1000 times, “webinars are the key to growing your business.” GoToWebinar is bar-none the best tool out there for broadcasting webinars. Free 30-day trial available for new customers In our opinion this is the BEST social media tool out there! We schedule most of our tweets and Facebook posts using this amazing tool. It also allows you to track your progress, hoe many followers you’ve gained (or lost), post interaction, and so much more! Their FREE started plan is great for those just getting into creating a social media plan for their